Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WW Weigh-in #2

Today was my first weigh-in after a full week on WW and I was hopeful. I tracked everything I ate (even when I wanted to fudge some of the numbers. Mmmm...fudge.), I got in four workouts and I made sure I  made choices that kept me within my daily allotment. The result:

Last week: 200.2 lb
This week: 196.6 lb
Total lost this week: 3.6 lb
Total lost with WW: 5.4 lb (I even got a star from WW for losing my first 5 lb!)

First weight loss target: 191.9 lb
To reach target: 4.7 lb to lose

I'm down 3.6 lb! I know that weight loss of 1-2 lb a week is typical on the program and I do expect that to kick in soon. Right now I'm at my pre-Christmas weight, and it feels pretty good that it only took me just over a week to get back there. So now I figure I'll be losing the standard 1-2 lb a week and I'm okay with that, because all the little numbers will add up!

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