Friday, January 20, 2012

My first reward

With only 3.5 pounds to go to my first weight-loss goal (and a new book!), I figured it was high time I selected what that book would be. I've got a pretty lengthy list of books I want to read but this book has to be something good, something reward-worthy, not just another detective novel (which I will always love).

It's also tricky because Kobo keeps emailing me coupons to use on e-books, but the coupons are only good for a few days so I've got to act quickly. (They suck me in every time.) And I got another coupon today but it expires January 23, so before my next weigh-in and well before 3.5 pounds.

So the book I've chosen, the book that will not be tempted with Kobo coupons is:

It's about 19th century Europe and the conspiracies (real and imagined) that exist, the secret societies and murderous plots and general awfulness of the underbelly of society and asks: what if one man was behind all these conspiracies, with one document he created? Yes, I know it sounds a little Dan Brown (those who know me know I respect your right to like Dan Brown as long as you respect my right to hate him) but Umberto Eco is known for his literary criticism, work in semiotics and as a medievalist, so some intriguing credentials to say the least.

Regardless, I'm very excited about this book. Let's go 3.5 pounds!

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