Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tomorrow's weigh-in

Weigh-in tomorrow could be scary. See, this past weekend the Beau and I got together with his siblings and their partners and we had a fabulous dinner party. And by fabulous I mean artichoke dip with tortilla chips; baked brie with crusty bread; bacon-wrapped, cornbread-stuffed Cornish hens; homemade mushroom risotto; Caesar salad with amazing homemade dressing; and a few bottle of delicious red wine. Understandably we were too full for a chocolate and caramel fondue. Next morning, however, we were able to have eggs Benedict with bacon (two kinds!) and mimosas.

It was a great time and I didn't count points at all on Saturday or Sunday. I got back on track Monday and Tuesday but I'm pretty sure I maxed out all my bonus points (and then some) on Saturday night, so my tracking on Monday and Tuesday won't exactly be accurate. But that's okay. Saturday was such a lovely evening that it was worth burning through too many points. And it's not something I'll be doing every weekend either, so there's nothing wrong with indulging now and then.

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