Thursday, January 12, 2012

Confessions of a Weigh Watcher: I almost cheated already

Yup. Here I am, in my second full week, and I almost cheated.

In the winter I love me some hot chocolate and at home, we usually get the light stuff and a mug comes in at 2 points, which is just fine and makes for a nice chocolatey dessert. Today, though, I was craving one and went to Tim Horton's. After getting one, I discovered that a medium Tim's hot chocolate clocks in at 6 points! SIX POINTS! With only 13 points left for dinner, I wanted to just ignore this. I mean, it's just hot chocolate, right?

Thing is, it's only myself I'm hurting. And yes I have my extra points but I'm going to a dinner party this weekend where I don't want to have to be too careful and I didn't want to use up many extra points before that. In the end, though, I logged that hot chocolate. I wanted it, I drank it and I have to account for it.

And it was so good too...but I think I'll be avoiding them in the future, at least from Tim Horton's.

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