Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What does 200lb look like?

Let me show you.

That's me.  Please excuse my messy hair; these pics were taken post-workout.  Even though these shots weren't taken Sunday night, I'm sure I'm still at the same weight from that night.

But 200lb doesn't look the same on everyone.  For example:

197 lb, 5'9"
This is Natasha.  I found her picture on the site for the show More to Love

This is Anowa Adjah or The Nigerian Powerhouse - 200lb

Anowa Adjah set out to blaze a trail for more acceptance of curvier, voluptuous models.  I think she's pretty hot.

Some other woman, also 200 lb.
Okay, so it's Oprah.  But considering her much-documented struggle with her weight, it seems appropriate to show her here. 

I may not be happy with my current weight but the most important thing I can remember right now is that 200lb can be beautiful.  It can be powerful.  It can be famous.  It can even be reality-TV worthy.  Will I be happier when I'm thinner?  I sure hope so, because I've pretty much been convincing myself of that for the past 20 years.  But can I be happy now?  Of course I can.  Because I'm beautiful and powerful and famous (okay, maybe not, but my name is in a national magazine every month).

Even if I never lost another pound, I would be beautiful.  

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