Friday, February 25, 2011


I get a Tim Horton's coffee every morning at work.  And, most afternoons, I get a second coffee (but decaf - I'm trying to limit/prohibit caffeine consumption after lunch in an effort to help me sleep better). 

So with 5-10 coffees a week, I was pretty excited to see the return of Roll Up the Rim.  I'd have to win all kinds of stuff, right?

I've only won once so far...and it's healthy eating sabotage!

It really says "Win Donut".  Stupid Blackberry photo.
To me, this is all part of Tim Horton's devious plan to get me back into their store, buying stuff.  Everyone comes in for coffee, right?  So don't give away free coffee; make people pay for the coffee, which they'll do when they come in for a free donut! 

I'd like to say that I'll give this away, but I got some news today that requires celebration so I may allow a donut indulgence.  What is this news? 

.....stay tuned.....

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