Monday, February 28, 2011

Have a happy Monday and a crossword

Last week, while enjoying the sloth that was my Family Day, I neglected to write a happy Monday post, so I'm doubling up this week with two things that are among my favourite in the world: coffee and crossword puzzles.

I have to say that one of the best things in life is getting up on a lazy Sunday, making a hot cup of coffee and opening the newspaper to the crossword puzzle.  It's made even better when I'm at the Beau's parents because they have the best breakfast nook, with a table tucked in a window-filled corner that is so bright and cheery, no matter what time of year, that it just adds such joy to my caffeine and words.  Not to mention that the table allows me to still see and talk to the others who come through the kitchen, going about their morning routine. 


I've been an avid crossworder for about 20 years now, thanks to my dad.  He's a big word puzzle fan and when I would go visit him when I was younger (my parents are divorced), he would tear puzzles from his puzzle book that I could handle: mazes; spot the difference; colour in the areas to reveal the picture, things like that.  I would do those but eventually I became too smart for them and I'd start turning the page over, to see what wonderful "adult" puzzle was on the other side. 

And a word game nerd was born.

As for coffee, I developed my taste for it much like with wine: I started with the sweet stuff and eventually learned to like the "real" stuff.  In my teens, it was Tim HOrton's French Vanilla cappuccinos all the time.  In university, hazelnut or Irish cream was preferred, but vanilla was also good.  Nowadays, it's a nice medium roast with milk and sugar, though I'm contemplating trying to go black.  Although I'm still a Timmie's girl, through and through.

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