Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Think they know "stiletto" means "dagger"?

jump the shark: See Wikipedia entry here. The term has also evolved to describe other areas of pop culture including movie series, musicians, actors or authors for whom a drastic change was seen as the beginning of the end or marking the moment the subject is "past its peak."

OMG! The Sex and the City movie is coming! OMG! It will be here this summer! OMG! I can't wait for it to be in theatres! OMG! Because the sooner it is in theatres, the sooner it will be out of theatres and everyone will be forced to accept that it's over and it wasn't that good anyways and we can all move on to happier, more productive things.

I have really grown to be bored by Sex and the City. I was bored when it was on TV, I was bored when it ended without Carrie and Big marrying and I'm bored with all the hype over the movie. And I find it interesting that, when the series ended, they all said there wouldn't be a movie. Then all the stars discovered that they weren't that in-demand or popular or talented and needed a paycheque, so the movie was born. (A Sopranos movie should be along in another couple of years. Mark my words.)

There were rumours of a death in the movie, but I'm not that lucky. While those rumours have been quashed, I still have fantasies of a bus creaming them all in one glorious hit-and-run-and-run-over-again. Oooh, or maybe they all get syphilis and the sequel will be them all in an instituion, slowing going crazy, as the disease eats their brains. THAT would be awesome. I'd totally go see that.

Regardless, it will bring in huge crowds and make lots of money and people will pretend it's not as bad as it really is and then Britney Spears will run over Lindsay Lohan who is holding one of Brit's kids because Linds is now dating K-Fed and, suddenly, no one will remember Carrie whats-her-name.

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