Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some inspiration

Now that I'm back up in weight and have almost five pounds to go to hit my next weight-loss target, I thought some inspiration might be useful. I decided awhile ago that when I hit my next target I would reward myself with something of the clothing persuasion. (If you recall, the last reward was a book - which I didn't actually finish because I didn't like it. Sigh.)

I was going to go with a dress, maybe, or some pants but I decided that I wanted something that would last longer, would be an enduring symbol of having lost 10% of my body weight (hey, it's something to be proud of!). Then it hit me: a handbag! Something well-made and timeless, something I could carry now and for years to come, something I love and would be a treat.

At first I thought I'd get a Coach bag, as I've been lusting over them for awhile now. But then I stumbled across some photos of the new Roots collection and it hit me: a Roots bag! With the added bonus of it being a Canadian company, I knew that was it. So I hit up the website and picked out this beauty:

 It's the small Grace bag in Prince leather and I love it. It also has a long shoulder strap so I could wear it across my body, as I love to do with my handbags, though this style will look much better carried in my hand. I love the simple yet classic shape and the contrasting colours. And as long as I care for it properly, this is the kind of bag I could pass on to my kids. I'm only guessing here, but I feel like the name Grace comes from Grace Kelly, she of timeless and beautiful style.

So here it is - a little something to help me get to my next target. And it will be mine!

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