Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WW Weigh-In #21

 Well, it's weigh-in day again, which brings a nice departure from all my focus on buying a house. Here's what the numbers have to say:

Last week: 184.8 lb
This week: 186.0 lb
Total gained ost this week: 1.2 lb

Weight loss target: 181.8 lb
To reach target: 4.2 lb

I'll admit, I was a little surprised by this. I didn't have the best week, food-wise, but I was thinking a half-pound loss wouldn't be unreasonable. I'm also realizing I need a new plan of attack, as I find myself stuck in the 80s - and not in a fun, John Hughes kind of way.

I've talked before about my happy weight and that maybe I'm nearing that and that's still possible. But I do believe that I can get down to 181.8 lb and that I should get down to there.

(As a reminder, 181.8 lb marks a loss of 10% of my body weight, based on my weight when I started WW. I really want to hit this target.)

It's often believed that it's easier to gain weight in the winter, due to comfort food and such, and to lose weight in the summer, because apparently people only eat salad. I'm sure this holds true for many, many people but it's actually the opposite for me. I find it easier to lose weight in the winter (Christmastime excluded) because I'm more likely to stay in and cook and make good food; I don't go out drinking as much; and it's not too hot outside to have the oven going all the time. In the summer I'm more likely to have a few beers, hit a patio and eat a burger and, the next morning, feel my few beers and need pizza. I hibernate in the winter but by doing so, I'm less likely to eat bad food.

Perhaps I need to pretend it's still January and eat like it's -20C?

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