Sunday, May 6, 2012

Career crisis

Okay, it's not really a crisis, but I like alliteration.

First, let me say I still love my job. Lately it's been a bit stressful, but overall I work with an amazing group of people and for a great company that offers lots of benefits and perks. I really have no complaints. And I'm working in the industry I went to school for (how many people can say THAT nowadays!?) and I'm working for a major national magazine. Truthfully, it's all good.

But as we've been ramping up the house hunting, I've been thinking more about home styling, interior decorating and the creativity that allows and I've started feeling like something is missing in my life - the opportunity to be creative on a regular basis. That, combined with the fact that I LOVE home decorating and I keep thinking, "Maybe I should be an interior decorator!"

Of course, it's not that simple to just switch careers; I would need to complete a 4-year degree to become a registered designer, which I have neither the time, money nor inclination to do. And I'll be honest - I don't know if I have the guts to just start my own business.

A woman I used to work with recently did this for herself; she started a floral design company called Sweet Woodruff and, after checking out her website, I'm so excited for her and a little bit envious of her chutzpah.

This is something I'll be keeping in the back of my mind because I feel like I'd be more fulfilled if I was able to be more creative in my job. I've also thought about seeking out advice and I haven't eliminated that yet either, or even trying to get a job at a home decorating magazine. But since we're buying a house soon, a career change right now isn't the best thing. But it doesn't mean I won't make a change...eventually.

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