Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Up-Down Challenge Weigh-in #15

And...I'm back up again: 194.0 lb.  Just when it seems like I might be closing in on that 189 lb mark, up I go.  Bah.

I've got to get back into my groove again, the one that saw me dropping five pounds in the first couple of weeks I tried this.  I think part of the problem this past week is that I've been off; when I'm at home, I eat like crap.  When I'm at work, I have healthier snacks, better lunches and definitely drink more water. 

Since I don't want to stop taking time off work, I really need to improve my eating habits when at home.  I've been contemplating keeping a food diary, but I'm scared what it will show me and I'd be too embarrassed to share...which means it might be a good tool.  Maybe I'll eat fewer bad things if I write them down. 

I should also dust off that pedometer I bought waaaaay back when and start using the kitchen scale I bought waaaaaay back when.  I really want to feel good about myself in a bathing suit this year and cottage season in pretty much here.  I've got to work harder, dammit.

(Same old tune, I know.  I'm more than a little disappointed in myself.)

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