Monday, April 4, 2011

Up-Down Challenge Weigh-in #8

I'm happy to report a loss this week: I weighed in at 195.6 lb, one whole pound less than last week.

It's nice to see the scale (slowly) getting lower, but I'm a little frustrated with myself for not making better progress.  I'm seriously thinking about joining a program, but I've got some debt to pay off before I can spend the money.

I'm going to give myself until the end of April.  If I can get below 190 by the end of the month, I'll keep going.  If not, it's time to look for help in other places.  And by the end of April I'll have my consumer debt paid off, meaning I'll have a bit of extra cash to put towards weight loss help.

Until then, fingers crossed the scale keeps dropping...

(Oh, and that's another $10 into savings.  I'm too tired right now to update on that, and tomorrow will be a loooooong day at work, so Wednesday I'll tally up my savings to date.)

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