Sunday, April 24, 2011

Out with the old, in with the...old

Every time a new season rolls around, I want to go shopping.  I particularly like spring because of all the bright, pretty colours that come with the season and this year, coral is a big trend and my current colour obsession so all I want to do is wander around the mall and look at pretty clothes.  Coral combined with stripes and my world is complete.

The problem is that my closet and drawers are filled to bursting with so many things I don't wear/like/fit/want - so today I finally buckled down and went through my clothes.  Two big bags of donation clothing later, my closet and drawers could breathe again.  Do you know what else could breathe?  Me.  In jeans that were too tight a mere six months ago. 


I also discovered I can get into a denim skirt that used to be too tight and I'm fitting better into some other clothes.  So here I was thinking I needed more denim - but I already have what I need and I look smoking in it too.

I've also been searching for blazers for what feels like forever, with no luck finding anything that fits.  But then...on Thursday after work I stopped by the Goodwill near my office and picked up two blazers for $10 total.  And one blazer is from Holt Renfrew.  SCORE. 

So a mere $10 and a little bit of work and I've got two new blazers, a pair of jeans and a skirt to rock this spring.  That totally makes up for forgoing Easter chocolate this year.

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