Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some things I just don't understand

Word of the day: non-sense (noun) Conduct, action, etc., that is senseless, foolish, or absurd.

Anne Coulter is giving three speeches in Canada and I'm not sure what is worse: the fact that anyone felt Anne Coulter had anything useful to say to anyone in Canada, or that she's getting $10,000 for each appearance.


I'm not a fan of Anne Coulter by any means but expressing any kind of dislike for the woman only serves to fuel her asinine viewpoints so rather than sound off on her idiocy, I thought it would be more fun to come up with an appropriate analogy about her.  Here's what I've got:

It is appropriate that Anne Coulter is visiting Canada in the spring, because it is during the springtime that construction really gets going.  And with construction comes lots and lots of noise.  Construction noise, like Anne Coulter, is loud, abrasive, irritating, and often incites anger in people.  But once the construction noise is gone, much like when Anne Coulter is gone, there is beauty and calm left behind.

I think it works...?

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