Saturday, March 13, 2010

The belated birthday post

Word of the day: cel-e-bra-tion (noun) The festivities engaged in to celebrate something.

So I went and did it.  I turned 30.  I've got to say, it's not a whole lot different than being 29.  I mean, I still look the same and all.  Sure, other things are changing - like the job and the living arrangements - but otherwise, 30 isn't such a big deal after all.  (Until I fill out some survey or something where I have to give my age and suddenly I find myself checking the 30-35 box, rather than the 24-29 box.  THAT will be a difficult day.)

The one awesome advantage to turning 30 was getting spoiled by those nearest and dearest to me.  My main squeeze gifted me with a fantastic iPod Shuffle, so I can clip my music right to me while at the gym.  I hadn't seen the new version of the Shuffle and thought it was a Blue Tooth ear piece when I first opened it.  But upon realizing what it was, I was absolutely thrilled.  Isn't it cute?

And my most amazing friend created these most amazing Batman brownie pops for my birthday.  Seriously.  All made from scratch, even the brownie recipe (yum Martha Stewart brownies!).  So awesome and SO DELICIOUS.  I ate five of them.  Good thing I now have music to run to.

And of course, I was super spoiled by the rest of my friends, getting Inukshuk jewellery, a Bananagrams game, gift certificates, ice wine, candy and some of the most appropriate birthday cards ever (I got a grammar card!). 

With this kind of start to my third decade, how can I not love it?

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