Thursday, February 4, 2010

One less thing to pack

Word of the day: purge (verb) To rid, clear, or free.

April 1 may seem a long way off, but since that's moving day for me it will come up much faster than I'd like.  As I prepare for my move, I've decided February will be my purging month and March will be my packing month.  And by packing month, I mean "collect boxes and tape and other packing supplies for the first 29 days then pack like a mofo".  But back to February.

I've got to purge but not some sill superficial purge like I've done every other time I've moved.  (Yes, I'll wear these shoes again.  Who knows when I'll need construction paper?  I might read this kind-of-awful-sounding book one day...maybe.)  I've got to get rid of stuff.  Some things will be easy: clothes I don't wear I can easily part with.  I've finally come to terms with a bunch of the books I obtained while interning at Random House - in 2005 - that I have not read yet and likely will never read.  As for shoes, I know it's time to get rid of the many pairs I don't even look at, let alone wear.  The bonus to this is that once I get rid of the shoes I don't wear, I've got an excellent excuse to buy more to replace them.

Oddly enough, the thing I'm struggling with most are my CDs.  I don't buy CDs anymore.  I don't listen to CDs anymore.  I have iTunes and an iPod and that's all I need.  I download music and use the internets to find song lyrics.  Sure, I'll always buy Tragically Hip CDs but that's because I lurve them.  As for the rest of them, I just feel odd about getting rid of them.  I have no need for them and they only take up space but it just feels wrong to give them up.  And I like music but I'm hardly a music-phile (I"m sure there's a more correct term, I just don't know what it is).  That's why I just don't understand this need to hang on to something I know I'll never use again.  I've lived in my current place for almost a year and I haven't picked up a single CD in that entire time.  My rule with clothes is that if I don't wear it in a year it's gone.  By that logic, the CDs should be out the door too.

I'm sure I'll manage to move them along, drop them in a donation bin somewhere.  I just wish it didn't feel so...wrong.

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