Sunday, February 7, 2010

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Word of the day: hap-py (adjective) Delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing.

Seriously, I'm fairly certain this was the best weekend ever.  Let me recap for you:

1.  My exciting news
Friday afternoon, my exciting news became quasi-official as my department was informed of the changes, which includes me being promoted to Production Manager on Flare magazine.  This is my first official promotion and I'm super excited.  I love working on Chatelaine, but I work with/under the Production Manager; now, I'm going to be on Flare all by myself!  It's more responsibility and a promotion in both title and salary (yay!) but it's what I've wanted since I got into production way back when at Redwood.  And now it's happening!  Hurrah!

2.  I consider myself a runner now
And that's one resolution win.  Since last Sunday and including today, I have run six times.  Not too bad for someone who's only been running a week.  (Even if it is bad, don't tell me.  I'm pretty proud of myself!)  The best part is that I really like it and I feel SO GOOD after that I want to keep doing it.  My previous gym routine did not leave me feeling this way, so this is a physical health win too.

.3  I found a place to live
This just happened today but I found a place to live and it's really great and I'm so happy to have found a place that I love, and so soon.  Sure, it is only the second place I really looked at and considered but it's got everything I want.  Oh, did I mention it also has my beau in it?  Heh.  I'm moving in with the man!  (And his cat!)  It's kind of a big deal but it's a good big deal so this also has me pretty excited.  It's going to be rather awesome.

Oh, and I also had a lovely Saturday evening; the beau and I headed over to one of his friend's place and I made us all burritos and we played some video games (rather the boys did and I watched) and then I was introduced to Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  And Hand Banana.  I now have a Hand Banana sticker on my Rogers security card.  It's kind of fantastic and I'm looking forward to showing it off at work. 



Tammy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! On the promotion and the co-habitation. Everything is coming up Jen. Enjoy every moment!

Tammy said...

Oh, and congrats on the running! Keep at it.