Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You're a kitty!

Word of the day: kit-ty (noun) A pet name for a cat.

My beau has the cutest cat in the world.  See, isn't she adorable?

Her name is Tansi and I'm more than a little bit in love with her.  In fact, I will freely admit that my brain goes all goopy when I see her.  And it doesn't help that she is easily the cuddliest kitty I have ever encountered.  She prefers to either be on you or as close to you as possible (except when eating and, thankfully, pooping).  This is a most wonderful thing - until bed time, when she can't understand why you're asleep and not scratching under her chin.  She will quickly remedy this by poking you in the face until you wake up and acknowledge her, which is fun for about sixteen seconds.  But that is her nature and I still love her.  (Of course I can say that because I don't live with her.  The beau may think otherwise from time to time...)

Here she is again, because she's so great.

Anyways, I decided that a cat as adorable as Tansi required a theme song.  Since I'm not musically inclined I couldn't come up with any proper kind of melody so I just changed the lyrics to the Spiderman theme song.  My inspiration, though, came from The Simpson's Movie and Homer's Spider Pig song:

And here's my song:

Tansi Cat, Tansi Cat
Does whatever a Tansi Cat does
Can she swing from a thread?
No she can't 'cause she's a cat
Look out!
Here comes the Tansi Cat!

Is she cute?
Listen, bud
She's got cuteness in her blood
Will she sleep on your head?
Just you wait 'til you're in bed
Hey there!
Look, it's the Tansi Cat!

In the still of night
In the dish of her food
She will sneak a bite
Which will later be pooed

Tansi Cat, Tansi Cat
Friendly tolerant Tansi Cat
Everyday she's adored
Snuggling is her reward

To her, life is a great big cuddle
Wherever there's a snuggle
You'll find the Tansi Cat!!!

However, today I decided that one theme song was not nearly enough and felt it best to let The Simpson's inspire me once again and to adapt the words of "See My Vest" to be about a loving cat, rather than killing puppies.

So, yeah, here we go again:

Some pets are ferocious
Some pets become food
The only thing I’m looking for
Is a pet that will be good…

See my cat, see my cat
She seems to think that she’s a hat
She will sleep upon your head when
You are wrapped up in the beddin’

She’s so sweet, on her feet
A little thing who’s made of meat
But at night when you think you’re safe
She will sneeze right into your face

Overall, she’s so small
You can hug her like a doll
Just don’t forget she’s still a pet
And a brat (?!)

Try a chin scratch or two
She’ll be in love with you
See my cat, see my cat
See my cat

Like my kitty?  She’s so pretty
Even when the bed gets shitty
If only she would let me sleep
I’d be glad

She’s a snuggly delight
Who’ll keep you up all night
See my cat, see my cat
Oh please, won’t you see my cat!

(I really love the cat.)

Here's Mr. Burns' version:

So there you have it.  Kitty theme songs.  I'm not ridiculous at all.

And one more picture of the kitty, just for good measure:

I love how she's hugging the beau's hand!

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