Saturday, January 30, 2010

Resolution #4: Renovate

Word of the day: pret-ti-fy (verb) To make pretty, esp. in a small, petty way.

Okay, so not really renovate, as I don't own any kind of dwelling to renovate, but I'm enjoying the alliterativeness of my resolutions so I'm going with it.

What I have to renovate may not be a kitchen or bathroom or roof or anything quite that fun but it's still stuff that I need to do.  I've got various pieces of furniture - side tables, shelving units, a vanity-type table, an ugly plastic drawer unit - that I've been meaning to make pretty and just haven't yet.  So when I move into my fabulous new apartment it will be high time I make those things look fabulous too.

In fact, I discovered this today, which will be the inspiration for my vanity table.  This table is ugly faux-pine and needs to not be ugly and this is one renovate-y idea I not only like but I can actually accomplish.  As for the other stuff, I'm not sure yet what I want to do but I've got a couple months before the move to figure all that out.

Resolution #4: Renovate all that ugly furniture into something pretty.  Yay pretty!

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