Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I never was very good at math

do-zen: (noun) a group of twelve.

I baked cupcakes tonight, because tomorrow is Jack Kerouac's birthday and we're celebrating at work. Do with that what you will.

But back to baking cupcakes. And in baking cupcakes, one requires cupcake liners. Not knowing if there were any at home (of course, there were) I bought a pack of 75, because they come in packs of 75. However, cupcakes are baked in pans of 12, or a dozen at a time, if you will.

75 / 12 = 6.25

So why? Why do cupcake liners come in packs of 75, when you clearly cannot make an even number of cupcake batches to use them up? Is it that hard to sell them in packs of 72? I would pay the same amount. I guess they're banking on people like me simply forgetting that there are already cupcake liners at home and buying them willy-nilly, therefore negating the need to use the liners of one package up before moving on to a new one.

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