Monday, June 24, 2013

Hot run in the summertime

Toronto summer arrived with full force yesterday. As someone who hates extreme heat I consider myself lucky that the intense humidity didn't arrive until June 23. But arrive it did and since it was hotter than a cave troll's temper and stinkier than an orc's breath, it was a day best spent inside watching The Hobbit and Arrested Development. 

It was also the perfect day to catch up on laundry since fabric could hang outside without spontaneously sweating through everything. But around 6:45 pm our neighbour knocked on our back door to alert us to the start of the rain. The laundry made it in but the forecast said there'd be thunderstorms by 8pm. I wanted to run but was waiting for the sun to set, meaning the temperature would drop by half a degree. But with the threat of rain I made the executive decision: I would go running right then.

And I did. And it was hot. And sticky. And hot. And humid. And HOT.

But I made it. It was another 25-minute run and I made it through all 25 burning minutes. And I'm happy to say that the first 18 minutes were easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Actually, it wasn't until about 22 minutes that it really started to hurt and not just from the heat. Even with the last three minutes full of pain I kept going and it was awesome. (Well, eventually it was awesome. When I was done I was done.)

And because the rain held off, the Beau was able to barbeque. It's just so nice to come home from a steamy run to find burgers on the grill, eagerly awaiting cheddar cheese and anticipating being topped with carmelized onions and BBQ sauce.

Om nom nom!
I don't always grill burgers, but when I do I grill the best burgers.

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