Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Me and my wedding flowers

Perhaps it was the arrival of spring but I'm suddenly in full wedding flower mode at home! Ever since picking out the pattern for my flowers, I've known I had to actually make them but it never felt like something immediate I should do.

Then I made a to-do list of what I still had to complete for the wedding and when it topped out at almost 60 items, I figured I'd better get on the flowers! And so far, it's bee a lot of fun.

The first - and most time-consuming - step was to cut out all the petals and leaves. To make sure I made enough, I made a chart of how many flowers of each size (large, medium, small) and each colour (red, purple, book pages) I'd need for each bouquet (bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets x 5). I'm currently working with 18 flowers for mine and 12 for each of my bridesmaids. That works out to 18 + (12 x 5) = 78 flowers. Or, a LOT of cutting.

Fortunately, I have an amazingly talented card-making bridesmaid/sister-in-law who lent me her Silhouette, this magical machine that connects to your computer, reads a template and DOES ALL THE CUTTING FOR YOU. All I have to do it listen to it sing along as my petals are made.

The Silhouette and my laptop, hard at work
While the Silhouette hummed along, I did dishes, ironed, vacuumed and folded clothes. Best multitasking ever! I was even a little sad when all the cutting was done (which happened because I ran out of paper). But I did manage to squeak out everything I need, which is great. Of course, all those pieces needed to be organized; good thing I have lots of baking sheets around the house.

I won't be making cookies for awhile (also: toes)

After cutting and organizing comes assembly and, really, who can assemble flowers without TV to watch? I set up a station in the living room with all my supplies and began making flowers. I've spent two evenings so far making flowers and have assembled close to 18 of them; at that rate I'll have my bouquets made in no time!

Large red blooms come to life!

Large purple roses join the mix   

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