Friday, November 25, 2011

Um...where did the week go?

I woke up this morning all excited it was Friday and realized - I didn't get on the scale on Wednesday.  I didn't even think about getting on the scale.  In fact, I barely even noticed I missed my weekly weigh-in.

Why?  It's been a nutsy week at work.  We finished a regular issue on Tuesday and we're currently working on our Newsmakers issue, which goes to the printer today so we've done two magazines in a week, which is not the norm.  Hence my life not being any kind of norm.  Though I have managed to get home most nights this week before the Beau went to bed, which is always nice.  There have been work weeks where I haven't seen him awake for three days at a time. 

But back to the weigh-in: I'm just going to let it go and get back on track next week.  After all, why stress about that kind of thing?  The world will not end if I don't get on a scale. 

Happy Friday everyone!

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