Thursday, January 13, 2011

Healthy New Year

Now that my not-so-wee brother's birthday has passed, it's time for me to hunker down and focus on the year ahead.  2010 was a pretty great year for me with lots of big changes - turning 30! moved in with my boyfriend! got a promotion! - and I'm ready to make 2011 awesome too.  Right now, the big thing for me this year is health: physical, mental and financial.

Overall, my goals are quite simple.  Physically, I want to get into better shape.  Mentally, I want to make time for things that I really enjoy and stop stressing and worrying about everything.  Financially, I want to eliminate my remaining consumer debt and really start chipping away at the rest of my student loans.

In practice, though, these goals are going to require a bit more work.

I've been waffling over the idea of blogging about my health goals because I generally fail out pretty quickly (both with the blogging and the goal-reaching).  I should say that I'm a big fan of accountability and will always 'fess up to things when they need 'fessing up to.  But it's scary to be accountable to myself.  It's so easy to set these goals in my mind or on paper or on a blog or even with my boyfriend but it's harder for me to hold myself accountable when I slip a little or fail out completely.

Thing is, I really want to achieve all these things rather badly so I think it's high time to start holding myself accountable (but not stress about it too much!) and spend this year achieving these goals.

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