Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eating good and stuff

I kicked off my healthy eating today and it was great!

(One day down, the rest of my life to go!)

In my endeavour to get in shape/lose weight/be physically healthier I've decided to go with low g.i. foods.  I'm not following the G.I. Diet, as I'm not looking for a diet so much as a lifestyle change.  G.I. stands for glycemic index and determines how carbs affect the body's blood sugar levels.  Foods that are low on the g.i. scale will keep your blood sugar lower, meaning you don't crash and get cravings for sweet, sugary stuff.

Eating low g.i. foods won't be that hard for me, as most of what I eat is considered low g.i.: whole grain bread, veggies, the few fruits I can choke down, lean meat, cheese, milk, whole wheat pasta, stuff like that.  As long as I avoid the white bread/potato/rice (but not basmati, thankfully)/processed stuff, I'm good.  It's my weakness for pizza that could be my downfall.

The other catch is portion size.  It doesn't matter that I'm eating whole wheat pasta if I'm eating half the package.  But I'm taking this in baby steps.  Right now, I'm going to focus more on the low g.i. foods, particularly good options for lunch.  I'm currently bringing great big delicious salads for lunch but a girl cannot live on salad alone so I'll have to find something else that will fill me up at lunch but isn't bad carby.

Once I've got the food thing down I'm going to really focus on portions.  Deep down, I know this is my Achilles heel in the whole weight loss thing but I'm going to work at this.  I'll likely get a kitchen scale so I can properly weigh things and really know what a portion size is and how much I should be eating.  And I won't sneak tasty bits from the chocolate drawer either - although, oddly enough, Snickers bars are low g.i.  I haven't had a Snickers bar in a very long time but if they now come in dark chocolate, I could be in trouble.  It's probably best if I just stay away completely.

I'm also lucky that the Beau is on board with this too (particularly because he does almost all the cooking in our household).  He's going to make sure we keep low g.i. foods in the house so he can not just cook with them but make them extra delicious (it's what he does).  It's great having his support and encouragement and it also helps me because I feel accountable to him.  I know he won't kick me out if I have a potato chip or three, but I feel that if he's making an effort I really should too.

Off to bed soon - sleep is another part of my health plans but I'll talk about that later.

Good night!

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