Saturday, January 3, 2009

All shiny and new

Egad, it's 2009. I wrote "09" for the first time yesterday and it was strange but I think I should be able to adjust.

I used to make resolutions but stopped when I realized they were the same old cliched things that I promptly broke within two weeks of the new year. And I'm trying to make the standards like eat better, exercise, save money a regular part of my life. But I feel like a new year is a terrible thing to waste in terms of adding and subtracting from my life. I still don't like the idea of making resolutions but I am going to try a couple of things which aren't really new but carry-overs from the last few months of 2008.

I am going to not worry as much (because I'll never stop worrying) and I am going to continue to be positive. Resolutions are kind of like rules and are made to be broken and these are two things I'd rather not break. Of course I won't always maintain them to the fullest but I'm going to try.

The new year has also brought two new things for me. My roommate and I just gave notice on our (stellar) apartment as we're going our separate ways so I will be apartment-hunting and moving on March 1. At work, there were a bunch of lay-offs right before the holidays and the foreboding feeling that more are coming. But I won't worry and I'll stay positive and I'll see where this takes me. Because a lot cam happen in the next 362 days.

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