Sunday, November 16, 2008

Really, who thinks clowns are funny?

When I started this blog, I liked the idea of choosing a word to define the post and how I was feeling, but now I'm kind of moving on the gimmickyness of that. I'm sure I will still do it when the moment strikes but not every post. In fact, not being able to think of a "good" enough word has kept me from posting and I'd rather just post.

The Santa Claus Parade is today. Why are there so many clowns? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY??? There is nothing festive or Christmasy or happy or joyous about clowns. In fact, they are easily the scariest, creepiest, most horrid things ever to be created. Honestly, who thinks that clowns are funny? Shudder. Stupid horrible awful things. I actually may not be able to get through the parade. Although even if they got rid of the clowns, Susan Hay and Leslie Roberts and their commentary are enough to make my ears bleed.

Sigh. Oh well. I won't let this ruin my Christmas spirit. I must get ready to put the Christmas tree up. JOY!

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