Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do you remember your first?

first: (adjective) before all others or anything else in time, order, rank, etc.

I'm watching AFI's (American Film Institute, not the band) 100 Years...100 Movies and Billy Crystal said the first movie he remembers seeing is Shane. Hmph.

While I can't definitely remember the first movie I saw, I know Disney films were among the first, including The Jungle Book, which bored me; 101 Dalmatians, in which Cruella De Vil terrified me; and Snow White, in which the wicked stepmother as the witch terrified me. Not quite as cool as Shane.

But, even worse, among the first movies I actually do remember not just viewing but loving: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (the ant dies!!! NOOOOO!!!), Adventures in Babysitting (what do you mean, Elizabeth Shue played a Vegas hooker?), and Garbage Pail Kids. True cinematic genius for sure. So one day when I'm rich and famous and admired and desired and loved and wanted and begged to appear on compilation shows, I will have the pleasure of extolling the virtues of the Garbage Pail Kids. Joy!

I also had the stickers. Aren't they just so cool???


wildphoenix 袁婉君 said...

The first movie I ever saw in theatre was an Indiana Jones movie that was way to scary for me as I was probably only four or so. Eliza and Irene spent the entire movie taking turns covering my eyes.

Paronomaniac said...

That is so much cooler than me. One of the first movies I saw in the theatre was Snow White and I spent the movie crawling on my mother because I was scared.
At least Indiana Jones is cool.