Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Staging and stress eating

Well, the condo is staged and officially on the market today. Woo hoo! It's a huge relief because staging is hard work, man! I honestly didn't anticipate it would take nearly as long as it did.

The Beau and I worked from Tuesday to Sunday of last week to get the place ready. That's six days. SIX. Two of them were spent packing up all our extra stuff (i.e. most of our furniture and belongings); the movers only needed half a day to get everything out, which was great. We then spent three and a half days cleaning, organizing and hiding what we need to live with.

And it got tense. There were a couple of times when we just weren't speaking to each other because impolite things would have been said. It was nothing the Beau was doing, of course; mostly it was me being a stress ball about getting the place perfect. I also volunteered to take time off work and do most of the work, which was fine, but I was very overwhelmed more than once.

The condo is also in the Beau's name so it really mattered that I get it perfect for him to sell. (Yes, we'll both be benefiting from the proceeds but it's still his place, at least on paper.) And all this stress lead to me eating really awful food (mostly awful for me because it sure was delicious!).

Now that the condo is staged I'm really eager to get back into my good eating habits. I know I've been saying that all summer but the housing stuff really did take a lot out of me and resulted in terrible eating habits. One thing that will help with my eating is potential buyers viewing the condo; we'll get 2 hours notice but we'll need to have lots of prefab food ready to go just in case. This is the perfect time for me to make big batches of steamed veggies, healthy soups, pre-cut veggies for salads and all those other delicious things I should be eating but am not.

I've also got my run in 11 days so I'm making sure I get in as much running as my body will handle and it would be great to be a little slimmer then.

But now that a huge source of stress has been removed from my life, I finally feel like I'm back on the right track!

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