Sunday, March 13, 2011

Up-Down Challenge Weigh-in #5

This is going to be quick because I'm knackered, thanks to stupid daylight savings time and losing an hour of sleep.  Every year it knocks me on my bum and this year is no exception.

So my weight this week isn't that great, but I've just got to realize I've got to keep working at it and I'll get there.  Eventually.

Since I bailed on weighing in last week due to shame and frustration, here's a quick recap:

Starting weight: 200.2lb

Week 1: 197.6 lb
Week 2: 195.2 lb
Week 3: 196.0 lb
Week 4: 196.4 lb
Week 5: no weigh-in
Week 6: 198.0 lb

So I'm really only 2.2 lb down from when I started this challenge back on January 31.  That is not good progress.  I'm going to keep going but it's still incredibly frustrating.  At one point, I was down 5 lb and I'm still annoyed I couldn't keep that momentum going. 

I know it's my diet.  I know that.  I'm just being stubborn in really accepting that. 

But all I can do is keep trying.

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