Thursday, March 3, 2011

The big news

Hey, I never shared my big news, did I?

Well, if you know me in the Facebookiverse, you already know, but I'll share again:  I've got a new job!

And not just any new job, I'm going to be working on a weekly magazine.  And not just any magazine, but one of two weekly magazines that I've always wanted to work on.  I'm going to Maclean's!

(The other magazine is The Hockey News.  How nerdy am I?)

My official title is Production Editor - but don't be fooled by the "editor" part.  I'm not actually writing anything, but I'll be working with the editorial department to do schedules and flatplans and keep the edit side on schedule and get the pages to the printer on time.  I'm incredibly excited but it hasn't really sunk in yet, mainly because I still have to put out one more issue of Flare, train my replacement on Flare, put out another issue of Connected for Business, train my replacement on the Connected account and tie up all kinds of loose ends between now and March 22.


But it will be worth it and I CAN'T WAIT!

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