Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to repel men

Today I stumbled across, which is pretty fun.  I first read about it in The Toronto Star and the article helps clarify that the author, Leandra Medine, isn't just making fun of high fashion because she's bitter or vindictive; rather, she admits to lusting after much of it but enjoys poking fun at its man-repelling qualities.

I have to admit, especially since I started working on Flare, I've always wondered about high-end fashion and how it's considered, well, fashionable.  I understand the point of haute couture and I get how some things that come down the runway are supposed to be avant garde and not for everyday wear, but still.  Maybe designer duds wouldn't have to cost so much if the designers would just stop making such ridiculous outfits which don't sell; that way, they wouldn't have to make their living off $500 t-shirts and the rest of us plebeians could actually afford some of this stuff.

I mean, seriously, this is high fashion?  (According to Halston, it is.)

Or...a Chanel offering, which is apparently from their Ready-to-Wear line.  C'mon, really?

Then again, when these are some of the people dictating what the latest fashions are, I shouldn't be surprised that some stuff can be a little, erm, out there.

Um, hi Karl Lagerfeld

You're a dapper wee man, Alber Elbaz.

 Oh, Betsey Johnson, you're just a little crazy.

But at least these and other designers keep fashion fun, if not always wearable.  Not that it matters to me and my jeans-and-t-shirt clad self...although I do enjoy looking at the pictures.

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