Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The wheels on the car go round and round

The Beau and I recently experienced some car trouble on the long weekend (engine died on the 400, at Barrie, which necessitated a tow back to T.O.) and this has led to the decision that it is time for a new car.  And this past Saturday, we started car shopping.

I have never been car shopping, simply because I have never had the money to own my own car.  There are cars that I like and lust over (mainly Nissan, but I wouldn't say no to a Mini convertible) but my car knowledge is purely aesthetic-based, i.e. will I look cute driving it.  So this whole car-shopping thing has been pretty interesting.

The first dealership we hit up was GM, because the Pontiac Vibe was near the top of our shortlist.  We even priced it out on the GM website beforehand to get an idea of cost.  So, we get there and the sales dude informs us the Vibe has been discontinued.  No more.  Anywhere.  Hmph.  I thought the Vibe was pretty popular, so I was surprised that it was discontinued but what irritated me more was that we had been able to price it out online.  Really, GM, if you don't have a car anymore, you shouldn't let me price it out.  Cause that's just not playing fair.

So, no Vibe.  In it's place, Mr. Sales Dude really, REALLY wanted us to buy an HHR.  (The dash looks great at night, in case you're wondering.)  Not only is the HHR more than the Vibe, it's ass ugly to boot.  (It looks a lot like the PT Cruiser, which I detest.)  However, as Mr. Sales Dude informed us, it would be a great car for Herman Munster because, in black, it looks like a hearse.  Nothing says young-couple-with-a-bright-and-happy-future like a hearse.

 Not a fan.

And to think my tax dollars bailed GM out for this.

After GM, we hit up Ford and test drove a Focus.  Nice car, quiet, smooth ride, but I bumped my head on the roof while in the back seat and I'm not that tall.  Then we went to Hyundai and test drove the Elantra Touring, which I liked best, but I don't know if the Beau is sold.  The Touring has gobs of room but could be construed as a wagon rather than a hatchback.  (I don't see wagon, but the Beau does.) 

I'd drive this.

We still have Mazda and Toyota to check out; as luck (or auto manufacturing) would have it, the Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe are pretty much the same car, so we may get our Vibe on yet.  But regardless of what we get (really, what the Beau gets, as it will still be his car) I'm just excited that my automotive knowledge is slowly extending beyond knowing how good I'd look in a Nissan Z-car.  


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