Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Christmas!

Word of the day: pres-ent (noun) A thing presented as a gift.

The first two weeks of December always seem to fly by, only to have the remaining days of the month crawl by oh so slowly.  But it's all because of Christmas, really: getting ready at the beginning of the month then waiting and waiting and waiting for the holidays (read: not at work) to roll around so I can get out of the city for a few days, spend time with my family and shower my loved ones with gifts.

I'm pleased to say that I finished my Christmas shopping over the weekend (except for a couple bottles of wine but those can be picked up any time) but now I must wrap all those presents.  This year, I decided to make use of the plethora of magazines I have laying around my apartment and stacked by my desk at work and fashion wrapping paper from their pages.

I found that saddle-stitched magazines work best for this; once the stitches (staples) are removed there are two pages already attached, making for larger starting sheets.  With perfect-bound books, the pages have to be either ripped or cut out and then you only have one sheet.

Working at Rogers gives me access to several saddle-stitched titles so I grabbed a few copies of Hello! (well, hello Kate Middleton!), Maclean's, Profit and Canadian Business and started separating the pages.

Once I had some pages separated, I started to put them together.  (I see you, Jim Balsillie!)  I played around with the best method for this, using first scotch tape then double-sided tape but I finally settled on running a glue stick along one edge and sticking the pages together.  Easily the quickest method.  And the beauty is that, because I was going to recycle the magazines anyways, if I ripped any of the pages I could just blue bin them and start again.

Et voila!  A few of the wrapped gifts.  (Can you find Eva Longoria?)  I cheated a bit and bought gift tags from the dollar store but I'm okay with that.  It's also pretty fun to mix and match the pages to get a business-y vibe (I like the graphs) and some celebrity goodness in the wrap.  I'm looking forward to Christmas morning to see how much my mom and brother read their wrapping paper.  How often do you actually read or even notice what is on the wrapping paper?  Usually, we just look for our names on the tags and rip away, so this just makes it a bit more fun.  One of Mom's presents has a recipe for - and a picture of -  roast lamb. 

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