Friday, July 31, 2009

I got nothing

Word of the day: en-nui (noun) A feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom.

(Isn't "ennui" a pretty way to describe being bored out of one's skull?)


It's the Friday before the long weekend and I am not only still at work at 3:15 pm but I am the only one in my department. I could leave - I have been told to leave - but I have to catch a bus pretty much right after work so there's not much point in going home. While I'm not looking forward to schlepping up to Parry Sound on the Friday of a long weekend, at least I'm not driving, which means I can space out with music and a book or just plain old-fashioned sleep.

But what to do with myself until it's time to leave? Believe it or not, I'm fairly tired of the internet. I should have brought some knitting with me. You'd think that working for a magazine publisher would supply me with an endless supply of reading material but both our weekly magazines published double issues last week (I'm shaking my fist at you, Maclean's) so I have nothing. Well, that's not true; I have the super-big 30th anniversary issue of Flare...but it's not quite the editorial content I'm looking for. But it has foil stamping on the cover (FOIL STAMPING!) which is very pretty to look at. I heart foil stamping.

Oh, there is this gem, which invokes a deep Canuckian pride in me:

I may hate Star Trek but William Shatner is a national treasure.

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