Sunday, March 8, 2009

I see dead people

Well, not really. But I have decided that the elevators in my building are haunted.

You know how buildings will have a 13th floor but in the elevators and stairwells and such, they "skip" the 13th floor and go from 12 to 14? Well, my building is no different. And the elevator does this weird thing where it will stop at the 14th floor - whether going up or down - even when no one is getting on or off.

Of course, the 14th floor comes after the 12th floor so it is actually THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR that the elevator mysteriously stops at.

[Insert spooky music here]

Who know, maybe there really is a floor labeled 13 and when I find it I'll also find a passageway into John Malkovich's head.

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