Saturday, February 7, 2009

Making the move

It's official: I will not be homeless on March 1. I signed a lease last night for a great one-bedroom apartment in a high-rise building at King and Dufferin. With any luck I will be able to move in on February 28; this will be confirmed on Tuesday. Very very excited about this. I've always hated apartment-hunting and I'm glad I found a decent place so quickly. My fear was that I'd still be looking for somewhere to live a week before I moved and would end up taking some dump out of desperation.

Now, though, I must move forward with packing. Ugh. Overall, I'm pretty good at packing and actually don't mind the actual act of placing my belongings in boxes and wrapping mucho layers of packing tape around said boxes. It's getting the boxes that's the irksome part. I hit up Shopper's today and got a few, which is great, but I will need many many more. And before I pack, I should really go through all my stuff and determine what doesn't truly need to be "my stuff" anymore. This is something I loathe almost more than clowns. I don't know why really; there is something so liberating and refreshing about getting rid of unwanted/unnecessary/useless stuff (I have already donated three bags of clothing!) but it's just so hard to get myself motivated to do it. I guess this is where my inner procrastinator really shines through. Case in point: blogging for the first time in awhile to complain about packing instead of actually just sucking it up and packing. Bah.

Somehow it will all come together, though. Things like this have a way of doing just that.

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