Saturday, January 19, 2008

If it ain't broke...

re-so-lu-tion: (noun) a resolve or determination.

And they're made to be broken, right?

Sigh. New year, new resolutions, new promises to myself. So far I'm doing pretty poorly in the resolutions area, even though I never really made any concrete promises. One of them, though, is to blog more - but not to turn the blog into the journal of my resolution successes and failures. Really, I just need to put more effort into putting stuff on here.

But the big one for me this year is the broad-spectrum "life reorganization" resolution. Oh, life. So what does this entail? Let's see...

1 - Eat better. This won't be hard, at least to start, because I'm still in the gluttony-of-the-holidays stage. I should have fixed this sooner, but I got sick after the holidays and then people had birthdays (note: I am no longer accepting friends with January birthdays) and I got (stayed?) lazy. So time to not be.

2 - Get in shape. Join a gym? Still undecided. There's this neat thing they have now called "walking" and I hear it's quite easy. One foot in front of the other and such. And cold is really no excuse, what with scarves and mittens and hats being socially acceptable nowadays. I do have a groovy Gryffindor set that I don't wear nearly enough (read: at all), which would look quite good on my evening jaunts.

3 - Clean out the closet. Literally. I've been told that if I haven't worn it in the past year, get rid of it. Seems easy enough. So why do I still have that Roots sweatshirt from grade 12? Get. Rid. Of. It. NOW.

4 - Budget. *shudder* I've got a bit of a grace period here, as I've just started a new job and have yet to get the first paycheque. But once that happens, no excuses. Tighten those purse strings! Or I at least need to learn to spend with less wild abandon. *shudder*

5 -
Fill my life with things that make me happy. Like butterflies and fluffy kittens and sunshine and bubble baths. Not to be too Oprah-esque or anything, but I do want to purge things in my life that don't make me all warm and fuzzy inside. So that means more reading and less mindless TV. More pen-on-paper (and blog) writing. Less waitressing. More knitting. Stuff like that.

So that's what I've lined up for myself. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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