Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Money in my pocket

For the first time in a very long time, I have a savings account.

I have had a savings account before, of course.  I got my first one when I was but a wee thing, probably around five or six.  At the time, my mom was a teller at TD Bank so I she opened an account for me, My First Account, complete with pink bank book and a coin bank (which was supposed to help me save my change, but why would I do that when there was candy to be bought?)  I had the account for years and eventually closed it out in favour of a chequing account with Royal Bank.  That account came complete with debit card, so instead of helping me save my pennies, suddenly I had an even easier way to spend them.  And spend I did.

But now that I'm grown up (or at least growing up), it's time to be better with my money and make any meagre attempt I can to help it grow.  There are an abundance of high-interest savings accounts out there and I've been wanting to open one for awhile now, but with my consumer debt and student loans, it always felt that I should put any extra money towards those things rather than into a savings account.  Plus I have an RRSP so I've at least got something.  But this month was a 3-pay month and, with Christmas fast approaching, I opted to put some extra money into a savings account. 

I decided to go with Ally, not just because they have great commercials, but because they offer 2% on savings, which was the highest on offer among all the options.  (But which still irks me, as my credit card sits at 19.5% interest and my line of credit is prime + 3%.  Sigh.)

Since this is money for Christmas it won't be there for long (sigh again) but at least I've got a place to throw an extra $20, should I ever find myself in possession of such.  And I also have this nerdy "I'm a grown up" feeling for finally doing something responsible with my moolah, not to mention delusions of grandeur for an ever-growing savings account.  Let's see what happens.

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