Monday, May 31, 2010

Life is good

I have a good life - in fact, I would go so far as to say I have a wonderful, fantastic, amazing, awesome life - and I am finally starting to realize that.

I have a super-awesome beau; I live in a super-awesome condo that I get to share with said beau and a super-awesome kitty; I have a super-awesome gig in the publishing world; I've got super-awesome friends (who I don't make enough time for and that's something I need to change); and I've got a super-awesome family who loves me and supports me and is all around super-awesome.

It's taken me awhile to fully realize all this.  I have perfected the art of always finding something to stress about, even if that something isn't worth thinking about, let alone stressing about.  Now - FINALLY - I'm able to stop doing that and it's a wonderful feeling. 

I can't say for sure why I've had this change of mindset; maybe it has something to do with turning 30.  February was a pretty exciting month for me and marked three major changes: turning 30, moving in with my beau and getting promoted to Production Manager.  In the aftermath of all that, I found myself getting anxious for the next "big thing" in my life, without taking the time to fully enjoy where I was in my life.  So now I find myself able to enjoy this stage of my life and to fully appreciate everyone and everything in it.  It's a strange place to be, I must say, not worrying about next month or next year or stressing about my finances or not feeling fulfilled in my job. 

And, oddly enough, I'm not worrying about the good stuff coming to a grinding halt.  THAT is pretty momentous too. 

So is good!

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