Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun new things

Ack, it's been over two months since I've bothered to post anything. I've got no better excuse than laziness.

I'd like to say that lots of exciting and wonderful and fantastic things have happened over the past two months, but not really. Although I have managed to acquire a significant other, which is rather nice. I've know him for about four years (we went to school together) but it wasn't until this past March that things really came together. And I've already spent a weekend with his family and that went well, so I'm kinda pleased with the whole thing.

One thing I've noticed with this new relationship is that dating is different when you're in your thirties. (For the record, I'm 29 but I'm in my thirtieth year, so that qualifies me for being in my thirties.) There's more maturity now, less alcohol-fueled physicality. There are conversations about things that matter and things that are relevant; there are weeknight sleepovers that have us in bed at a respectable hour; there are weekends together because we're both 9-to-5'ers.

Although maybe I'm being unfair; maybe this isn't a product of being out of my twenties but instead because I've finally partnered with someone who is my equal, intellectually, professionally and personally, someone who is at the same point in his life as I am in mine. Of course, I'm not trying to say he's "the One" or anything that presumptuous, as it has only been two months. But it's nice to be in a relationship that is good.

I'm not going to lie, it's pretty damn nice to finally get what I want out of a relationship. The fact that he's also getting what he wants is also pretty great. (Because we have wonderful adult-like conversations about that kind of thing. Then we play video games. We are nerds and it is glorious.)

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deadstar said...

You blogged!

Congrats on the new developments! I am so happy for you... now, when can Wanda, you, and I get together for some brunch one Sunday?