Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bah, humbug!

tired: (adjective) Weary or bored.

Emphasis on the "weary" part of that, because it's not a physical tired I'm feeling right now. It's more mental and emotional. I know it's just the time of year - even though I do love Christmas very VERY much - because there is just so much going on that's wearing me down.

I'm tired of work.
I'm tired of the big puddles of slush at every corner in Toronto.
I'm tired of the people waiting for the streetcar at Queen and University, who just stand on the sidewalk and act all surprised and annoyed when pedestrians have to shove them out of the way.
I'm tired of having to move out of the way of people on the sidewalk who INSIST on walking side-by-side instead of single file, so people can walk the other direction.
I'm tired of seeing Beyonce selling every crappy product known to man.
I'm tired of the stupid drivers who run stop signs, speed through school zones and cut off my crosswalk because they just have to make that right-hand turn or the world will come to an end.
I'm tired of things like Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy being big news.
I'm tired of the Leafs' excuses - and justifying why I'm boycotting them this year.
I'm tired of trying to think of the "perfect" gift, when it will really just be shoved in a corner somewhere until yard sale season.

And don't even get me started on tired being spelled "tiRED" but being pronounced "tiERD".


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meghanwarby said...

Imma hop into my patented Whiskeyjack timemachine & add a couple of line items to that inventory that'll most certainly be on the brain within a couple of days:
- snowmobile jackets
- mullets
- 'youse guys'
- CKLP, Lakeland Playland FM Radio
- Bad TV Specials, worse TV episodes/re-runs
But, hey, it's all good. We'll get through this with booze. Lots & lots of booze. '08 is going to be good times. I promise.