Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm dreaming of a

Christ - mas: (noun) The annual festival of the Christian church commemorating the birth of Jesus.

I had the pleasure of seeing White Christmas: The Musical yesterday and it was everything I could have hoped for and more. I'll be honest, I haven't seen the movie (*hanging head in shame*), but I've been told the musical is very close to the film. And the singing! The dancing! The fits-right-into-today's-fashion 1950's costumes! It made me wish I could tap dance in a poodle skirt.

But there was one part that confused me a bit. In one scene, someone makes a reference to Hanukkah, which I was told was not in the movie. I understand the desire to be multicultural and all but it's called White Christmas. It's full of Christmas trees. There are Christmas cards. It culminates on Christmas Eve. So why can't it just be left at Christmas? That's what it is about, that's what it is celebrating.

Of course, this extends into today's society as well. (Here I go, on my soapbox.) Yes, Christmas is a Christian holiday and yes, there are many other religions that celebrate holidays this time of year that are not Christmas. But at the risk of offending those religions and holidays, I'm not supposed to wish people Merry Christmas? I'm supposed to send holiday cards? Put up a holiday tree? If so, does that mean we should call the menorah a "holiday candlestick"?

Just call it was it is. Let me celebrate the way I want. And in the immortal words of Clark Griswold, "Have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny f***ing Kaye."

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